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Vision, Mission & Values


The Greenheart Trust vision is to foster the self-efficacy of individuals and communities to improve their overall life balance. Greenheart seeks to promote environmentally sustainable lifestyle, positive health and well-being, and cultivate harmonious connections within communities.


The Greenheart Trust enables the facilitation and provision of activities, services and events through their charity Greenheart Australia Inc. and through associations and partnerships with other local community organisations. Greenheart Australia Inc. will provide activities and services that include: coaching, mentoring and life skills education; and environmental conservation activities to improve our capacity to live a more environmentally friendly, connected and balanced way of life. In order to achieve this, The Greenheart Trust will become a central hub that provides resources to individuals, groups and organisations including: skills, knowledge, financial and promotional support. These resources will assist in the development of projects and activities within the local community and create unity among like-minded individuals and organisations. These activities and services will either be provided for free, low cost or a part of fund-raising efforts. The Greenheart Trust will also enable the creation of Greenheart Acres, an environmentally sustainable Eco-community. Greenheart Acres aims to assist disadvantaged individuals and groups in reaching their full potential by offering holistic support; practical life skills; and temporary accommodation. Greenheart Acres aims to promote self-sufficiency and increased life balance.



Promoting, Encouraging, and mentoring the self-efficacy of all, empowering them to live their lives to their fullest potential.


Bringing people together to create strong, healthy and supportive communities and enabling the sharing of skills and knowledge.


Educating and encouraging everyone to live a more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Encouraging everyone to engage in creative expression as a tool for improving health and well-being.


Fostering oneness and harmony among all living beings and Earth.


Encouraging everyone to have and show more care, kindness and empathy for one another, all living creatures and our planet.


Supporting each other to achieve inner stillness and peace to help us to obtain world peace.