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Welcome to The GreenHeart Trust

The GreenHeart Trust is the formation of like minded individuals in the community with a vision of a greener, more peaceful, and unified self-sustainable community. Co-founded by Paskal Glavinov and Rose Sommerhalder with a vision towards providing a hub for resources, knowledge and support for individuals and other not-for-profit organisations (NFP's), with a focus on Balanced Living and Self-Sustainable Thinking for a healthier direction for our planet.

GreenHeart aims to create integrations and interactions amongst a number of NFP’s who may hold disparate missions and philosophies. The synergistic product of these collaborations are engendered and accessibly published through our social community site, the GreenHeart Hub. Creating partnerships and associations with (and between) other entities who espouse a vision or purpose aligned with our own philosophy is a primary motivation within our core mission, and the sharing of the knowledge and resources conceived of, and collected through, the GreenHeart Hub is perquisite of those partnerships.


Once again, welcome to The GreenHeart Trust community! Registering for a FREE Followers Membership takes less than 10 seconds and keeps you up to date on what's happening; or show your passion for change by becoming a Supporter Member of GreenHeart. Supporters have access to a range of social and publishing features on the website which aren't available to Follower Members, as well as receiving exclusive updates through our Supporters Newsletter. Full engagement with the GreenHeart Hub requires a Supporters membership, however we encourage everyone with any interest in social, environmental or community issues to open a FREE account in order to view and comment on the discussions taking place there.

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